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We are a design practice creating contemporary interiors, which are characterized by the “uni principle,” meaning space = quality + comfort + functionality + experimentation.

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Unikat:lab is a design practice providing multidisciplinary expertise in contemporary interior and furniture design. With our work, we strive to implement captivating and refreshing creative concepts with the intention of inspiring a positive user interaction.


Quality, comfort, functionality, and experimentation are principle values central to our design work, otherwise known as the “uni principles.” Additionally, strong dialogue with industry professions and tradesmen is very important in providing innovative solutions. Our team harnesses these values, along with an individual approach to each project, to create unique interiors that complement the needs and reflect the personality of the client.



Individual space projects

This service offers two functional concept plans of a selected space, which would entail, for example, the removal or addition of partition walls, furniture, and bathroom fittings and tile arrangement. Next, we involve the client in the decision making process. Through close dialogue, we offer material finishes in keeping with the direction and budget for the space determined by the client.


Comprehensive project

For clients who are looking for a full comprehensive project. The process starts from initial consultations to executive project implementation and supervision. Through each stage of the process, the designer is in regular contact the investor, consulting him/her about any problematic issues. Finally, a prepared project contains a materials list, visualizations and a full set of technical drawings necessary to carry out the investment.


Turnkey project

For those who are too busy or do not desire to participate in the realization of the interior design process. Opting for integrated turnkey solutions, the investor is relieved of all the hassle involved. The designer assumes full responsibility of every stage of the project. This includes, project development, negotiations, acquiring building and finishing materials, and full construction coordination. Once completed, according to the client’s requirements, the finished interior space is handed over.


Functional arrangment project

Aimed at clients who require functional arrangement propositions before construction or of an existing space. The project provides two – three floor plan arrangement concepts. Drawings included may propose partition wall changes, new layouts of the kitchen and bathrooms, and furniture arrangement. After selecting a new floor plan option, the project is further developed to include water/sanitary and electrical installation adaptations.


Project management & supervision

The objective of the project management and supervision service is to guarantee good-quality implementation of the construction project by the designer in collaboration with contractors and tradesmen. The designer is responsible for the realization of the project, while consulting the contractors and tradesmen at each stage of construction. This service manages and avoids many of the common mistakes made during construction and reduces costs.